There is a huge value in aligning philosophy and culture in two partnering businesses. The case of a small business owner and a commercial general contractor is no exception.

Without a fit in vision and project expectations, there is potential for conflict that would deter the success of your organization as construction goes off track and relationship derail. Trust is the main goal. With the livelihood of the business in the general contractor’s hands in many ways, a business owner must understand that their best interests are being represented by their construction partner.

To address the pop ups of construction projects head on, there must be open lines of communication. Without any barriers, both parties can tackle issues head on, while leveraging each other’s expertise in whatever a road block may present.

This White Paper was designed to address the general contractor selection process head-on, looking at project requirements, evaluating multiple contenders – allowing you to focus on your core business, leaving the construction to your GC.

Click here to download the PDF. Enjoy!