Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal – November 22-December 12, 2019:

Construction Management Insights

Our team had the privilege of discussing the concept of IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) in the real estate journal’s Construction Management & Design Build section.

What Every Construction Director Must Know About GC Selection

With key criteria and requirements set for a consistent standard of excellence, there is little room for error.

Here’s how to get there:

Download this whitepaper today and help your corporate construction team reach project outcomes you wouldn’t imagine possible.

The Silver Lining

Our new collaborative whitepaper with JL Architects is here. Discover the truth about post-COVID19 architecture, engineering, and construction with this guide. Despite an infectious disease, commercial businesses and institutions still need to thrive.

This white paper will help you:

– Prepare and maintain an adaptable space through preventative design features and layout options

– Utilize partnerships with cutting-edge firms experienced in managing sanitation and infection preparations

– Follow advice from organizations currently researching these initiatives


A Simple Guide to Gaining Valuable General Contractor Partners

The value in aligning philosophy and culture in two partnering businesses is huge. The circumstance of a small business owner and general contractor is no exception.

This whitepaper was designed to address the general contractor selection process head-on, looking at project requirements, evaluating multiple contenders – allowing you to focus on your core business, leaving the construction to your GC.